Monero mining using Docker

Monero mining using Docker

Bitcoin mining was profitable, for a short while. I once mined over 100 coins (at the time not worth even a single dollar). At the time of writing this I have about 4 BTC left, and these coins are now worth over 25k dollar.

Times have changed though, mining Bitcoin on your PC is no longer an option. First CPU miners were replaced by GPU miners and later specialized cryptocurrency mining hardware (ASICs) replaced them. Now you’ll need to create a big farm with cooling, cheap electricity etc to stay profitable.

Introducing: Monero

It is still possible to get into cryptocurrency with your regular hardware though, but you’ll have to mine different currencies.

The best one at the moment is probably: Monero

This cryptocurrency has been created to be easier on the CPU, harder on a GPU.

The easy way: Docker

Do you want to start mining Monero coins too?

The easiest way is to fire up a Docker image like this:

docker run kannix/monero-miner -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp:// -u 45i78dDNEqES45Te6vHmh6XJQTHsEc3Kk5T9CTSfmvhv7sckTNxSF1pJGoNesLdqwd9rG6DwxRYr8HtuK2m9mTaLQRCdCFu -p worker_name

(of course: replace the address with your own address, unless you want to support me)