Developers are (code) artists

Last week a manager went to an artist for a new painting in his living room:

M: “Hello Mr Artist. I’d like a painting from you”
A: “Hi Mr Manager, what kind of painting do you want?”
M: “It needs to be 100 cm by 50 cm, for in my living room”
A: “Yes, I see, what do you want on the painting? I do abstract art.”
M: “Something with a bit of green and blue”
… some more details …
M: “When are you done with the painting?”
A: “Probably in three weeks!”
M: “Probably? I want to know exactly when it is done!”
A: “Well, oke, for you I’ll have it done in three weeks”
M: “Why does it take you so long?”
A: “Huh? What kind of question is that?”
M: “Well, I can paint that canvas in under an hour! Why do you take three weeks?”
A: “Sure, I can fill the canvas with color in an hour as well, but that isn’t a painting is it?”
M: “Why not?”
A: “….?”
M: “Can you do it in two weeks?”
A: “You’re drunk, go home.”