Devoxx BE 2014: Aftermovie

A couple of weeks ago was Devoxx in Antwerp again, the largest annual European Java conference. As always I was there, with my camera, to capture the amazing atmosphere:

We (me and my colleagues) had a great time, and learned some new things. But most of all, we met great people and received a lot of inspiration. This year I´ve done a short 5 minute Ignite talk on Mutation testing. This was my first ´Ignite´ session and it is hard! The format of an Ignite session is, 20 slides, 5 minutes, auto forward each 20 seconds. This means timing is everything. A 50 minute talk is much easier, you decide when you´ve told enough and press next.

Also, my J-Fall presentation on mutation testing is now available online (50 minutes, in Dutch).

⋆Brag⋆ It was voted as best session of the conference with 61 people! Also of all the visitors it was voted second ´most populair´, surpassed by one vote, but the other session had more people in the room!